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Theories about the nature of real teen dolls are, of course, of use to other people besides the language teacher. It would be a mistake to associate applied linguistics exclusively with language teaching. There are other people who are engaged in practical activities which involve doll petite in a central role for whom a knowledge of its nature could be. of use in dealing with problems which arise in their work: the speech therapist, the literary critic, the communications engineer, for example. We do not uniquely associate applied linguistics with any single one of these activities.


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Whilst applied linguistics and realteendolls sex teaching may be closely associated, they are.not one and the same activity. The application of linguistic knowledge to some object – or applied linguistics, as its name implies – is an activity. It is not a theoretical study. It makes use of the findings of theoretical studies. The applied linguist is a consumer, or user, not a producer, of theories. If we use the term 'theory' as it is used in science, then there is no such thing as a `theory of language teaching' or a 'theory of speech therapy' or a `theory of literary criticism'. Language teaching is also an activity, but teaching languages is not the same activity as applied to beautyful real teen dolls.

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A bibliography is like an anthology; it is a personal reaction to a realteendolls body of literature. The necessarily broad range of topics which have had to be touched on in this introductory book has posed problems of selection. My guiding principle has been to refer only to those books and articles which in my opinion offer some particular insights into language, its use and how it is learned which are relevant to language teaching. In no sense can the bibliography be regarded as a comprehensive coverage of work either in linguistics or applied little petite babes.

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